Bluetooth Handsfree Auth.

Seamless experience in a variety of situations


We create a “seamless world” that you can pass through by simply putting a smartphone in your bag or pocket with “the first-ever patented technology” that virtualizes gateways where you have to stop, such as locked doors, cash registers and hotel check-in.

It's like a human version of ETC...

Have you ever heard of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) for cars? It's convenient and saves you time because you don't have to pay at the toll booth every time you take the highway.

"PaylessGate Technology" enables any kind of authentication of a person. With high-speed, high-accuracy authentication and location measurement, the system can correctly recognize and charge people passing through the gateway, just like when a car passes through an ETC.

A smart cash register is coming soon!

A smart cash register that reduces the waiting time for payment to zero will be available soon. Users can simply pass through the cash register with their smartphone in their pocket or bag and complete the payment.

Stores can improve their operational efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent at the cash register , and significantly reduce the training of employees in cash register operation.

Unique "PaylessGate Technology"

We have the technology to build a virtual gate (authentication/payment). Our proprietary "PaylessGate Technology" provides a seamless user experience in a variety of scenarios with IoT and payment by using touchless identity certification and high-speed, high-precision location measurement to understand location information and authenticate the user.

News & Blog

PaylessGate will be speaking at the "NEDO Startup Gathering: Kankeiren x NEDO Open Innovation Forum 2021".

Selected as an excellent company in the final screening of the MUFG Business Support Program "Rise Up Festa".

Introduced in "101 Hardware Companies and Startups in Japan in 2021" by BestStartup.Asia