We make offline personal authentication smart.

Our two core technologies will solve the challenges of offline authentication.

Why Hands-free authentication using a smartphone?

Offline (real-world) authentication consists of a combination of three types of authentication: "Memory", "Physical", and "Biometric".

However, each of them has disadvantages such as time-consuming recall, costly management of goods, and inability to change when biometric information is leaked, and there is a need for new authentication that is fast, inexpensive, and changeable. We believe that "Physical" is the most practical and least critical.And since it is the smartphone that is physically owned until the end, we believe that the smartphone is the only way to get the ultimate authentication offline.

The technology developed by PaylessGate uses Bluetooth beacons, which are currently installed in almost all smartphones, making it highly versatile and available with ultra-low power consumption.

We believe that hands-free personal authentication using smartphones would create "a seamless and convenient world".

Two patented technologies to realize the vision

In order to realize personal authentication using smartphones, we have succeeded in developing two technological know-how that was not possible with conventional Bluetooth: high-speed, high-accuracy location measurement and secure authentication in Bluetooth beacons. This eliminates the need for face recognition, fingerprint recognition, QR codes, and IC cards.

●High security Performance

Conventionally, to connect devices with Bluetooth, it is necessary to enter a six-digit number for authentication. Alternatively, you can connect without entering any numbers, but in this case, it is realized by setting the six-digit number to "000000", and anyone can connect easily, so there was a problem on security.

We have developed a personal authentication technology for automatic authentication. It has made it possible to balance security and convenience and prevent spoofing and unauthorized use.

●Touchless and High recognition rate

Until now, the position measurement technology using Bluetooth beacons had an error of about 1.5m in the discrimination zone, and there was a problem that it was not possible to distinguish individuals. We have developed a high-speed and high-accuracy personal position measurement technology and succeeded in reducing the error to about several tens of cm. As a result, identification zones can be identified without duplication, and it is possible to greatly reduce false recognition and recognition errors.

Our two core technologies have solved the following challenges.

Challenge1: Information required for Offline authentication

While online, it is possible to authenticate someone simply by knowing who they are, i.e., we can authenticate the individual with IDs and passwords, Offline personal authentication requires two technologies, like ETC: Where: to measure the location of which person to authenticate, and Who: to authenticate that person.

Challenge2: Common bluetooth limitations

Of all the location measurement technologies, only Bluetooth has low consumption and high UI (User Interface), but low location accuracy and security.

We will change your life!

With our technology, you can log in to your computer or make a payment on an e-commerce site just by putting your smartphone in your pocket while it is asleep, and it can also be used as a house or car key, or as an IC card to manage security zones at work. Also, you won't have to take out your wallet or smart phone every time you go through the ticket gate at the station or when you shop at a convenience store. In short, "it will change your life". It will make it possible to realize a seamless society where people can go anywhere with just their smartphones, without keys or wallets.

We will be the only company that can provide hands-free authenticated payment for nearly next 10 years, but by making it available to many companies and users around the world without exclusivity, we can create a whole new world where we can never go back to the past. Our goal is to spread this technology around the world.