Smart cash register

Easy payment, almost no training required for cashiers

Utilizing high-speed, high-accuracy authentication and location measurement, our technology can correctly recognize and charge "people" passing through virtualized gateways in a manner similar to ETC. We develop “Smart Cash Register” that completely removes waiting time for payment in addition to other payment and authentication solutions.

A World Realized by Smart Cash Registers

In a world where cashless is rapidly spreading, not carrying cash is now the norm. What we are aiming for is a world one step beyond that. You don't need to take anything out of your bag or pocket to make a payment. This is the big difference from other cashless payment methods such as credit cards and contactless IC cards.

For users

After entering the payment area, users simply need to tell the clerk, "Touchless payment, please", and the payment is completed. Just keep your smartphone in your bag or pocket in the sleep mode. A vibration or a screen display will let the user know that the area is available for payment and that the payment has been completed.

●Easy payment

●Less waiting time in line

Completely non-contact and infection control

note : These screenshots is under development.

For stores

When a user enters an area where they can make a payment the operator terminal will indicate that the user can make a payment and a ring will sound. If a smart cash register is installed, the LED on the smart cash register will flash. The operator accepts the user's request for "Touchless payment, please" and operates the terminal to complete the payment.

●Little or no training is required to operate the cash register.

●Eliminating lost opportunities (preventing customers from giving up on shopping and leaving the line.)

●Reduced labor costs (less time spent operating cash registers)

Cash register (tablet)

note : These screenshots is under development.

Management system

note : These screenshots is under development.