Create next generation

Making the World Happy with Seamless Experiences

Just put your smartphone in your pocket or bag and you can make any kind of authentication and payment. Practical application of the ultimate personal authentication technology that only our company can provide. We will provide the ultimate personal authentication in the real world and make the world happy with a seamless experience.

Easy to authenticate in various situation with one app

We provide a seamless experience in a variety of situations.

Hands-free reception and membership management

Hands-free reception at Post Corona, automatic management of attendance, automatic point allocation to members, etc.


Hands-free, walk-through authenticated payment at restaurants, retail stores, and vending machines in facilities.

Automatic gates

Pass through the gate without holding up the IC card, eliminating the need to take out the IC card from your bag and get in long line.

Smart Keys for Office and Home

Locking and unlocking offices and homes without holding up IC cards or keys, employee ID management costs, and the need for reconfiguration.

Smart key for car

No more need to manage keys to rental cars and company vehicles. Reduce the risk of lost keys.

Seamless daily life

We will change your daily life!

The accumulation of small efforts and time

Please imagine that you are going to a theme park with your family and friends...

From the time you leave your house to the time you enter the theme park, you will need to go through a lot of efforts and time, such as purchasing tickets, locking your house, payment for the cab, and presenting your ticket at the entrance gate.

The accumulation of small, casual efforts and time is actually taking up a lot of your time. If you can eliminate them, you will have more free time.

One app, hands-free solution for everything.

With PaylessGate's accurate and fast authentication technology, you can use a single app to perform various procedures hands-free or automatically, from the time you leave your house to the time you arrive at the theme park.

No more frustrating long lines, no more unloading heavy bags for payment, no more searching for keys. And you will have more free time than ever.

How do we achieve?

●Form entry

You don't need to enter your personal information to reserve tickets for theme parks, just open the PaylessGate app and reserve your tickets.

Login, Payment

By simply bringing your smartphone close to your PC, you can not only log in, but also make EC payments safely without the need to enter any personal information.


You don't need to look for your keys anymore. Your smartphone in your pocket or bag will respond and close it for you.

Coin, IC or QR

When you buy juice from a vending machine, all you have to do is select the juice you want and press the button on the machine, no need to hold up your IC card.

Ticket Gate

Just walk through the ticket gate. There is no need to insert or hold up a ticket.

Long line

Everyone wants to avoid lines when riding rides or buying souvenirs. Using hands-free technology, you can pass through the gate with a walk-through.

Cash Register

There is no need to put down heavy luggage to make a payment. You can make payments using your smartphone in your pocket or bag while carrying your luggage or holding a young child in your arms.

Cab payment

You can also just get in and get out of the cab. Just say "hands-free payment" to the driver, no need to take out your smartphone or wallet.

Check in

The same goes for hotel check-in. The hotel can securely authenticate the visitor's personal information, eliminating the need for a cumbersome process.

Turn your precious time into a "experiential".

From the age of "material" to the age of "experiential". We want to increase people's free time by reducing the time and effort required in their daily lives. The time it takes to take out your smartphone or wallet to pay at the cash register, or the time it takes to unload your luggage and take out your keys from your pocket. However, there are many such scenes in our daily lives that hinder us from gaining valuable experiences.

With "PaylessGate technology", we can solve those problems. We want you to spend the most of your time on "experiential". To make your daily life richer than ever. That is our wish.